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We Value Our Relationship

UNIFIT REALTY– A name that you can trust in the real estate industry, Unifit Realty is a leading real estate service providers company in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR). We are in this field since 2000 with a mission to provide quality real estate infrastructure, the motto of Unifit Reality is to offer end-to-end real estate assistance to its clients and to bring a professional approach to the industry. “Quality, Trust and Transparency” are the pillars of the company that empower it to scale its goals and reach the apex of success.

The journey of Unifit Realty started with the consultancy of real estate and we have completed 21 years in this field and we have the privilege of having a trusted association of reputed builders and customers. We earned a good fame in this area by virtue of their commitment to serve customers with utmost transparency and integrity.

A modern homebuyer is not only looking for a home as a place to live in or invest in, rather they are looking for is a better experience in terms of convenience, exclusivity, and value for money. we believe this and continually work towards growing the wealth of our clients by assisting them in making thoughtful and fruitful investment decisions, this is our motive to provide comprehensive & right assistance when a homebuyer starts to search his property.

Founder's Message

Director of unifit realty- Sandeep Gandhi

Excellency is not a destination, it’s a continuous journey that never ends. Unifit Realty is undisputable a fast-paced realty company that values social structure and offers exponential growth opportunities. At Unifit Realty ethics-driven leadership and superb teamwork facilitate us to deliver timely promises.

Unifit Realty was founded on a foundation of a variety of values. Integrity, transparency, opportunity creation, commitment, truthfulness, relationship building, and more. Without a doubt, our dedicated teams of professionals have played a significant role in assisting us to thrive in our performance and exceed the expectations of our valued clients.

“Our idea was to give something in the market which was actually cost effective but offers the best services in real estate,” he says. “That idea was so accepted in the public it has actually become a brand today. We started from a basement with two people on board, and today we’ve built up an empire.”

“The whole world is full opportunities for those people who have a positive attitude, who have the right vision and zeal to grow. If I didn’t have zeal to grow, if I had no vision, what could Business do for me? My message to everybody is, India is a land of opportunity, but you have to grab those opportunities. You have to have that kind of attitude, that kind of thinking. If you want to work hard in this country, I guarantee you there won’t be any reason you won’t be successful.”

“I chose real estate because that was my passion – I eat, sleep and drink real estate – but I wanted to use my business as a platform to do something good for society, to do good for the community, and make sure we share our vision, our success, with those who are underprivileged, who could not get the equal opportunities in their life as we got,” he says. “This is my way of returning back to the country .


Unifit Realty has created a collaborative and cooperative workspace for all its employees. Here everyone is given equal opportunity to express their ideas and each unique idea is highly appreciated. We live in a working environment that is ambitious and approachable. All our managerial staff and Think Tanks give priority to our customers satisfaction and happiness, for this we are constantly working on out-of-the-box ideas that ensure the success of our company.


The Motto of Unifit Realty is to fulfil customer satisfaction at every level with ethical standards, our vision is to develop personalised and simplified real estate solutions to meet the growing demands of clients. It is always our first priority to give better service to our clients.

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